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Septic Service Disclaimer

Accessing your Septic Tank:

Quality Septic’s technicians have to gain full access to customers septic tanks that are not equipped with a riser. They use mini excavators to expose and open the septic tanks, and in order to do so, they may need to remove fences, concrete walkways, brick pavers, decks, disturb flower beds, grass, etc. Our technicians are not equipped to replace these obstacles that were disturbed or removed and the homeowner will need to make arrangements for their replacement.

Utility Lines & Underground Structures:

Our technicians take great care when servicing your septic system. Unfortunately, we cannot always determine the exact locations of all utility service lines. Marked or unmarked, Quality Septic Repair does not accept responsibility for damaged utility lines during the search and excavation of your septic system. It is the property owner’s responsibility for contacting the affected utility member for the repair of the damaged utility line. These utilities include but are not limited to natural gas lines, power lines, waterlines, sprinkler systems, cable lines, telephone lines, etc.

Abnormal Reoccurrences With Your Septic System

Your septic tank was overfilled:

When our technicians arrive for service, one of the conditions that they inspect for is to see if the tank is or has been overfilled at some point. If at the time they can determine that one of the above conditions has occurred, it is an indication that there may be drainage or failure issues with your septic system field lines. If issues with your field lines are not remedied, it will cause your septic tank to overfill once again causing sewage backups at your home.

You have recently serviced your septic tank and you’re having issues again:

There are many variables that can affect the performance of your septic system. These variables can include but are not limited to weather, water consumption in the home, what is being flushed into the septic tank, soil quality, surface water infiltration, roots, etc. From time to time, customers call back asking how could their system be having issues once again if they have recently pumped their septic tank. We explain that one or more of the variables stated above has contributed to their problem and that we need to come once again to assess the situation and schedule further repairs beyond pumping the tank and unclogging the sewer line for a fee.